Charming Old Loviisa

For those enamored with quaint wooden houses and picturesque townships, Loviisa is an absolute gem, inviting you to savor its charm. Meander through the enchanting alleys, and delight in the beauty of courtyards and gardens in this coastal town. Loviisa, celebrated for its lovingly restored historic homes and captivating gardens, reveals its treasures twice a year, offering a rare glimpse inside. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Immerse yourself in Loviisa’s rich maritime history, where tales unfold from periods of Russian and Swedish rule. The Finnish East Coast is adorned with remnants of fortress ruins, signifying the ebb and flow of power between these dominant forces. Explore Svartholm Sea Fortress, a sister to Suomenlinna, along with two land forts, and trace the intriguing chapters of Loviisa’s past.

While in Loviisa, don’t overlook the enchanting Strömfors Ironworks village, steeped in a profound handicraft history. Acknowledged as one of Finland’s best-preserved ironworks villages, it cherishes tradition and celebrates artisan craftsmanship. Venturing through the countryside, make a delightful stop also at Malmgård Manor. Explore the renaissance castle and indulge in shopping for a variety of organic products.

Enjoy the Maritime Ambiance

Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and the cool crisp sea breeze that flows over it, and then take in the glimmering sea right before you. Laivasilta Pier in Loviisa makes this reality. Enjoy the local dishes at outside eateries, or do a bit of impulse shopping at some small boutiques. Then hop on board to see the sea fortress Svartholm, only half an hour away.

Laivasilta Pier

Discover a Star-Shaped Sea Fortress

Svartholm Sea Fortress outside Loviisa was built in the 1750s and suffered great damage during the Crimean War. In the 1960s, the Finnish Heritage Agency began to restore the fortress, commonly known as the little sister of Helsinki’s Suomenlinna Sea Fortress.

If you embark on a sea adventure to Svartholm with the kids, bring toy swords with you, as this is the perfect place to play pirates! Svartholm Bistro is a popular stop for the local boaters, so do as they do and stop by for a tasty meal and a bit of relaxed island life before heading back to the mainland.

Svartholm Sea Fortress

Explore Enchanting Events

Immerse yourself in the heartwarming ambiance of this enchanting town through two beloved annual events curated by the locals. Discover the charm of meticulously restored, creatively adorned old houses during the Loviisa Heritage Homes Event in the autumn and the Loviisa Heritage Christmas Homes in December. Additionally, Loviisa Open Gardens invites you to wander through the town’s beloved gardens twice every summer.

Loviisa Heritage Homes

Go on a Scenic Town Walk

The majestic church of Loviisa that welcomes all visitors at the gateway to the town is also a good landmark for entering the nature trail at Myllyharju. It is a popular hiking and jogging trail for the locals and opens a wonderful view to the Gulf of Finland over the idyllic old town. There’s also a hundred-year old, one-of-a-kind observation tower at Kukkumäki. This red, ironmade, art nouveau style tower is as charming as they come and a perfect place for admiring the beautiful sea view.

Myllyharju City Walk

Uncover Cultural Heritage

Or maybe embark on your Loviisa adventure with a visit to the local museum housed in the historic Komendantintalo, a masterpiece built in 1755. Uncover the tales of Loviisa’s past within the walls of this architectural gem.

Nestled by the sea, Loviisa boasts a rich maritime heritage, reflecting its enduring connection to seafaring traditions. The porcelain Staffordshire spaniel figurines also made their way from Victorian England to Loviisa aboard ships that sailed the seas of the world. According to the tale, these vigilant dogs on the windowsill keep watch when the seafarer of the house embarks on a voyage across the sea.

Loviisa Town Museum

Embark on a Park stroll, Sibelius-Style

Explore Loviisa’s charm with a stroll through Kappelinpuisto Park, a journey along the historical Ehrensvärd Trail, and a visit to Loviisa Fort at Garnison Park, where the Loviisa River meets the Loviisa Bay. Don’t miss a scone brunch at restaurant Kappeli, adding a delicious touch to your experience. Here you will discover the legacy of famous Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, who found inspiration in Loviisa for his Kullervo symphony, creating a musical connection to this enchanting town.

Restaurant Kappeli

Add a Touch of Charm to Your Stay

Indulge your taste buds in Loviisa’s charming alleys, where historic wooden houses line the streets. Explore cozy cafes and restaurants hidden behind wooden fences, where opening creaky doors reveals secret gardens and vintage cafes like Tuhannen Tuskan Kahvila, the Cafe of Thousand Woes. Formerly a haven for sailors during prohibition, it now enchants with its quaint name and rich history. Discover unique boutiques for shopping delights and experience a stay like no other at one of Finland’s most idyllic campsites, offering accommodations in old villas or glamping tents with scenic sea views. Enjoy the perfect blend of history, flavors, and charm in Loviisa.

Loviisa Camping

Discover the Allure of Strömfors Ironworks

After exploring the inner town, you will find more true gems in the Loviisa countryside. Nestled in the village of Ruotsinpyhtää within Loviisa, Strömfors Ironworks stands as a testament to Finland’s well-preserved ironworks communities. Established in 1695, this historic iron mill village has maintained its distinctive character over the centuries. Indulge your palate in the local restaurants, explore charming boutiques brimming with souvenirs, and unleash your adventurous spirit by renting sports and camping gear to revel in the natural beauty surrounding the area.

Strömfors Ironworks

Meet a Count at a Renaissance Castle

Also in the rural area of Loviisa, just under an hour’s drive from the capital region, lies Malmgård Manor – a distinctive Renaissance castle, brewery, and organic farm. Led by Count Henrik Creutz, the 13th-generation lord of the manor and an avid organic farmer, visitors embark on a journey through the castle, unraveling its rich history and gaining insights into the organic farm’s operations. Immerse yourself in Malmgård’s brewing legacy, witnessing the cultivation and preparation of ancient grains that contribute to the acclaimed Malmgård beers. The brewery estate also houses a shop offering locally crafted specialty flour and grain products.

Malmgård Manor

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