Hirvikoski Canoeing Route

The Kymi River, often referred to as Finland’s Amazon, offers a hidden gem for canoe enthusiasts. This mystical river boasts diverse landscapes, from pristine wilderness to open fields, and captivating rapids. Notably, it’s unique due to its abundant large islands, allowing for various route options and picnics.

Of the river’s five branches, the Hirvikoski branch stands out for canoeing adventures. Starting at the Kuovinkallio rest area, the Ahvionkoski rapids provide a picturesque view and ample exploration opportunities. Nearby Martinkoski and Kotokoski rapids add excitement.

The Kymi River is home to a rich heron population and majestic hawks that grace the skies. The journey culminates at the impressive Pernoonkoski rapids, offering thrilling three-tiered sections.

Complete your adventure in the charming Str√∂mfors Ironworks area, brimming with dining, lodging, and cultural options. Explore the Kymi River’s wonders and experience nature’s grandeur and history along the way.