South-East Finland Canoeing Route

The Southeast Kayaking Route takes you through breathtaking landscapes from Lappeenranta to Loviisa, offering a journey through Southeastern Finland’s waterways from South Saimaa to the magnificent Kymi River. You have the flexibility to paddle the entire route or select a portion that suits your level of expertise.

The route caters to paddlers of all skill levels, and there are numerous rest stops along the way. By exploring the natural islands of the Kymi River, you’ll discover various route options and admire diverse wilderness and countryside landscapes. In these waters, sightings of gray herons are a common occurrence for paddlers.

The journey concludes in the picturesque Strömfors Ironworks Village, where you can enjoy comfortable accommodations and savor delicious meals at local restaurants. Extend your stay to explore other kayaking routes and hike around the delightful Kukul Lake.

Navigate your way with the help of Outdoor Active and watch the route video above before your paddling adventure!