Kukul Lake Hiking

Explore a breathtaking 9.3-kilometer hiking adventure starting from the historic Strömfors Ironworks village. The Kukul Lake (Kukuljärvi) hiking trail offers diverse terrain with marked red waymarks, guiding you clockwise through lush early stretches along the former railway line.

As you cross the road to Strömfors, prepare for the most stunning parts of your journey. Climb high cliffs with four rocky areas, the tallest reaching 55 meters above sea level. Ropes and steps facilitate steep sections, offering spectacular horizon views.

Halfway through, you’ll reach the picturesque shores of Lake Kukul (Kukuljärvi in Finnish), featuring a steep shoreline and scenic viewpoints. At the southeast shore, a charming hut atop a small cliff provides a perfect spot to cook a meal or enjoy a snack. Nearby, a pier invites you to take a refreshing dip.

After the campsite, choose to continue the trail or embark on a one-kilometer round trip to Brann’s Cave, a historic site associated with cowherd Jaakko Branni. The narrow cave entrance opens into a five-meter-long, couple-of-meters-high chamber.

Conclude your hiking adventure with a visit to Strömfors for a cultural experience and a well-deserved meal. Multi-purpose accommodations are available here, ideal for planning future adventures like paddling the Kymi River, Finland’s “Amazon.” Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit for a refreshing swim along the way.

Go to Outdoor Active for the detailed route information.