Myllyharju City Walk

Explore Loviisa’s Myllyharju Trail for a scenic walk filled with history and natural beauty!

This picturesque trail originates from the founding of Loviisa in 1745, where six iconic windmills once stood atop Myllyharju, lending their name to the place. These windmills spun gracefully until the late 19th century, when their rhythmic hum became a distraction to visitors of the bustling spa town and the nearby Bonga Castle. Consequently, all six windmills were removed in the early 20th century. In an effort to enhance the Myllyharju experience for visitors, trees were planted, and a charming promenade was established along the ridge.

The journey begins at Loviisa church, leading you along a wide outdoor path that gently ascends towards Myllyharju. As you traverse the trail, you’ll encounter 16 informative signposts, offering insights into the region’s nature, history, and life in Loviisa.

Along the way, you’ll find numerous inviting benches, each inscribed with verses from songs by country music composers and lyricists. One particularly unique resting spot is a bench affixed to Pikku Kukkumäki, beckoning you to take a seat and savor the surroundings.

At the pinnacle of the ridge, atop Kukkukivi, awaits the crown jewel of the trail—an Art Nouveau observation tower designed by architect K. Hjelt in 1906. This remarkable tower is undeniably one of the nation’s most exquisite observation points, providing panoramic views. With keen eyes, you might even catch a glimpse of the Svartholm sea fortress on the distant horizon.

Descend from Kukkukivi, cross Antinkyläntie, and you’ll arrive at the enchanting Boulogne forest. This protected grove, with a name bestowed by a former spa guest inspired by their visit to Paris, holds historical significance. The forest path eventually leads to the delightful Loviisa campsite, marking the transition to the more urban section of the trail. Here, you’ll explore Loviisa’s charming lower town, characterized by a densely populated area of 19th-century wooden houses. Along this segment, numerous charming cafes and restaurants await, offering a taste of the quaint cafe culture from days of old.

Experience the Myllyharju Trail in Loviisa for a captivating blend of nature, history, and cultural richness.