Coast of Fortresses Cycling Route

Throughout the centuries, the East Coast of Finland has been the scene of superpower aspirations. Russians and Swedes have fortified the region to defend Finnish territories and interests. Borders have often changed, as have those who have held power. Learn the history of the region and explore the fortresses by bike.

Start your fortress adventure from Loviisa where you can visit the ruins of a land fortress and a sea fortress. Svartholm Sea Fortress was built by the Swedes and is the sister fortress of Suomenlinna.

From Loviisa, head eastward towards Kotka, where you can explore the ruins of Kyminlinna fortification and the sea fortress Svensksund (Ruotsinsalmi). Russians built these fortresses after losing the great naval battle of the Swedish Strait in 1790.

The last destination of the route is the Hamina fortress. The history of Hamina dates back to the 17th century. However, after being completely destroyed in the Great Northern War, it was rebuilt in a circular pattern and fortified to protect the border.

This route covers 90 kilometers altogether, and is most fun when you take your time to explore the fortresses. Stay the night halfway in Kotka, and you will have two days for this route.

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