Laivasilta area with its restaurants and events attracts visitors from both near and far. The wooden salt warehouses, which have been turned into restaurants or spaces that host art exhibitions and small shops, give Laivasilta its historical atmosphere.

At the Laivasilta restaurants, you can sit down to a full meal or enjoy some snacks. The restaurants are open from May 1st until the end of September and there are events almost weekly.

A lot of events take place in the Laivasilta area throughout the year, for example the Midsummer party, boating and rowing competitions, the biggest one is Small Ships’ Race, the Night of the Ancient Fires and the Christmas market.

Today Laivasilta is a guest harbour and the home harbour for the packet yacht Ă–sterstjernan. Cruises to the sea fortress Svartholma departs from Laivasilta during the summer. Cruises with m/s J. L. Runeberg arrive from Helsinki to Laivasilta in summer.

The sea has affected the history and trade of this port town, as well as the income of its citizens. In 1745 the town was granted license to export and import goods. Laivasilta had 50 salt warehouses loaded with imported goods, such as salt, tobacco, spices etc.