Café & Restaurant Saltbodan

Café & Restaurant Saltbodan, situated in an old customs warehouse by Laivasilta pier, offers a cozy ambiance amid maritime surroundings.

Since 1986, it has served as a traditional café, bar, and restaurant housed in Loviisa’s historic customs and warehouse building, which dates back to the 18th century. Despite a tragic fire in 2019, ongoing efforts are dedicated to restoring it to its former glory.

While restoration continues, Saltbodan’s kitchen serves refreshing salads and classic salmon soup. The bar and café offer an array of pastries, cappuccinos, mojitos, and iced coffees. Excellent service complements the diverse selection of refreshments and live music.

Laivasilta hosts numerous summer events and is a sought-after tourist destination. Explore maritime history at Loviisa Maritime Museum or venture to Svartholma sea fortress island. The guest harbor provides amenities for boaters near the city center.

For updates, visit Saltbodan’s website or Facebook page.