Villa Mandala

Revitalize and improve your daily life at Villa Mandala, a wellness and conference center in the rural surroundings of Loviisa, Finland.

Experience weekend-long wellness retreats with three distinct themes: Relaxation Retreats, Yoga Retreats, and Detox Retreats. Tailored for stress relief, each Relaxation Retreat offers insights into stress management, relaxation techniques, nutrition, and the power of the mind. Detox Retreats focus on enhancing life quality through body and mind cleansing, featuring dynamic morning exercises and wholesome organic meals. Elevate your yoga practice with Villa Mandala’s Yoga Retreats, deepening your knowledge across various yoga disciplines. Enjoy the serene countryside, sauna, hot tub, and enriching activities like hikes, lake trips, and cycling.

Perfect for corporate events, Villa Mandala offers exclusive meeting spaces and well-being days. Host your private retreat or event at our versatile facilities, accommodating various programs and group sizes.

Take a look at Villa Mandala’s website to find out more and book your next wellness retreat!