Rönnäs Seaside Resort

Rönnäs Seaside Resort is nestled in the picturesque maritime landscapes of Loviisa, just an hour’s drive east of the capital region. Rönnäs offers a serene year-round environment for family vacations, business meetings, and relaxation. In addition to accommodation, Rönnäs provides guided fishing trips, dining services, and nature activities.

The resort boasts 16 differently sized cottages and villas on the mainland and in the stunning archipelago year-round. All cottages are well-equipped, featuring a private kitchen, sauna, fireplace, and other modern amenities.

Indulge in nature-based activities on land and at sea, along with the extra services in the villas, enhancing your daily experiences. Exploring the maritime landscapes is enjoyable year-round, whether on your own or with a guide.

How about embarking on a refreshing bike ride while relishing the scenery, unwinding with a delightful sauna evening, or setting off on a boat trip with the invigorating scent of the sea breeze? Rönnäs offers a diverse range of activity options, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The golf season at Rönnäs is one of the longest in the country, featuring a well-known and reputable course.

The Pernajanlahti Archipelago in the eastern Gulf of Finland is renowned for its abundant waters and exciting fishing trips. Along with Pieni Pernajanlahti, the bay belongs to the longest marine bays on the southern coast. This extensive marine area is also a designated Natura 2000 site. The archipelago’s bird population is remarkably diverse, and observing seals sunbathing on rocky islets is a delightful sight.

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