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Discover the enchanting allure of Hamina, a world-class fortress town that captivates the aesthete’s senses. As Southeastern Finland’s oldest city, Hamina boasts a rare circular city plan. Dominating the center of this circle is the Town Hall, serving as a focal point for the vibrant streets of the old town adorned with colorful wooden houses, museums, churches, boutiques, and cafes radiating in every direction. Strolling through Hamina’s historical streets, one can easily envision the echoes of horses’ hooves and the charming rattle of horse-drawn carriages.

In the 19th century, during the days of the Grand Duchy of Finland, Hamina thrived as a cultural hub where French, German, Swedish, Finnish, and Russian were spoken. Managed by merchants and cadet school officers, the city played a pivotal role in various aspects of public life, influencing national affairs in culture, politics, and the economy. Notable figures like statesman Leo Mechelin and artists Hugo Simberg and Magnus Enckell all hailed from Hamina, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s rich tapestry of history.

Embark on the Fortress Path

In Hamina, you can see a lot on foot. Walk the Fortress Path to see the fortified wall ruins of the early 19th century, built to protect the city in all directions. The famous Hamina Bastion has been renovated for modern use and takes in visitors nowadays as an international event arena. The mysterious vaults are spacious and have an almost magical atmosphere. The Bastion’s largest events take place mainly during the summer season, when the event arena will have the largest summer tent canopy in Europe. In the wintertime, sales, fairs and meetings are held in the vaults.

Hamina Fortress Trail

Hamina Tattoo Military Music Festival

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Enjoy Hamina Festivals

In July, Hamina hosts the semi-annual international military music festival Hamina Tattoo, and the town bustles with musicians and music lovers from all over the world. For a small town, Hamina has a lot to see.

Hamina Festivals

Be Enchanted by East Coast Christmas

At Christmas time, Hamina is like fairytale world with its marvelous Christmas lights, a brightly glimmering merry-go-round, snowy gobbled streets with charming old Christmas decorated houses and dozens of vendor booths for gift shopping. Here you can enjoy a warm Christmas glogg with a gingerbread cookie in a beautiful pastel sunset.

Christmas on the East Coast

Discover Cultural Heritage

Don’t miss its beautiful churches, such as the orthodox church of Saints Peter & Paul built in the Neoclassicism style. It has Byzantine features, topped by a classic onion dome, and was designed by the architect Louis Visconti who also designed Napoleon’s mausoleum. There are also magnificent murals for those who love the arts by one of Finland’s cultural treasures, Tove Jansson set on display at Town Hall.

Historical Hamina

Fall in Love with Old Hamina

Hamina’s professional city guides have plenty of stories about the buildings, well-known residents of Hamina, and historical events. There is a great deal to see around Hamina Town Hall and the Hamina Bastion. Atmospheric blocks of wooden houses, churches, and administrative buildings line the circular streets of the city. The lively guided tour will take you to the heart of Hamina’s history. Hamina is a world-class small town whose fortifications conceal a range of fascinating locations within walking distance of each other. Charming wooden houses, beautiful churches and interesting museums will sweep you off your feet.

Museums in Hamina

Maritime Ambiance & Good Food

Enjoy a leisurely summer day on the terraces of Tervasaari in the maritime Hamina, with the sun glinting on the sea waves and a view of passing boats. Cruise to the archipelago with water taxis or anchor your dinghy at the guest harbor. A brief 20-minute walk leads you to the Market Square, and if you fancy a more extended cycling excursion, like heading to Hamina Camping‘s sandy beach for relaxation, you can conveniently pick up a city bike.


Discover Breathtaking Archipelago

Have you explored the phone-free haven of Ulko-Tammio? Tucked away in the outer archipelago of Hamina, just 6km from the Russian border, this island paradise offers a serene retreat for those seeking a digital detox and a harmonious connection with nature. Come and experience it for yourself!

Ulko-Tammio Phone-Free Island

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