Hamina Fortress Trail

Explore Hamina’s Fortress Trail, a family-friendly urban walk along fortress ramparts and city streets. Seven info boards with QR codes offer insights. You can also cycle parts of the trail but may need to walk bikes on fortress ramparts.

Starting at the Flag Tower near Hamina Market Square, the path leads to Kesäpuisto Park and the legend of King Gustav III proposing to Empress Catherine II. Pass the Japanese-style garden at Bastion Hämeenlinna and head uphill to the fortress, with glimpses of Hamina Summer Theatre and pesäpallo fields. The Central Hamina Bastion, a unique event venue, is a highlight.

Follow the trail past Kirkkojärvi Lake, Vyborg gate, and the Reserve Officer School. Explore Hamina Shopkeeper’s Museum or the Town Museum along the way. The trail ends at the historic Town Hall Square, a centerpiece of Hamina’s Fortress. Enjoy a rich blend of history and natural beauty on this memorable walk.