Kaakko Festival

Discover the captivating melodies of Kaakko Festival, a musical celebration set in the scenic landscapes of Virolahti, Hamina, and their surroundings. Enjoy the rich tapestry of chamber music spanning different eras, passionately interpreted by world-class artists.

Kaakko Festival is renowned for its creative and innovative concerts. Since its inception in 2014, the festival has featured exceptional performances, with Apocalyptica cellist Perttu Kivilaakso headlining the inaugural year. In July 2022, the music transcended traditional venues, offering open-air performances in a forest clearing, embracing the beauty of nature.

Located in the south-easternmost corner of Finland, Kaakko Festival takes you on a journey through diverse landscapes and emotions. Enjoy exquisite chamber music performed by leading artists, and engage in master classes for young musicians and other cultural events. Let the melodies of Kaakko Festival transport you on a mesmerizing musical odyssey.

Stay tuned to Kaakko Festival’s website for updates, as concerts extend beyond the summer season.