Ulko-Tammio Offline Island - Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to experience a unique summer trip in the beautiful clear waters of the Gulf of Finland National Park? A rare treat awaits this coming summer as Ulko-Tammio cruises kick off in June.

The internationally acclaimed phone-free Ulko-Tammio Island invites you to fall in love with its rich and diverse nature. Ulko-Tammio is like the entire Gulf of Finland archipelago in one package. Along its nature trail, you’ll encounter pine forests, lush groves, a wartime tunnel, and a bird tower, from which you can see all the way to the Russian side.

Spend an unforgettable day on the phone-free island, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Relax in the wonderfully atmospheric cove, filled with the chirping of birds on a summer day, bask in the sun on the smooth rocks along the shore and plunge into the embrace of the Gulf of Finland’s Eastern waters, offering divers the best underwater visibility in Finland’s seas, and unforgettable experiences for snorkelers. While trekking around the island you will encounter information boards telling you about the history and nature of the island.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ulko-Tammio

How Can I Get to Ulko-Tammio?

Meriset organizes summer cruises from Sapokka Marina in Kotka to Ulko-Tammio. Check the cruise schedules on Meriset website. Schedules are updated during the spring for the upcoming summer. It’s advisable to book the cruise in advance, as they are a rare treat and fill up quickly. In Sapokka Marina, you will also find taxi boats that can take you the archipelago.

Is Tammio the Same as Ulko-Tammio?

No. Hamina has both and island named Tammio and another island named Ulko-Tammio, ‘ulko’ meaning ‘outer’. The island of Tammio has a village, a museum and a flea market at an old school at summer time. The famous film director Renny Harlin has a house on Tammio. You can explore the beautiful Tammio also on a Meriset cruise during the summer months.

If you want to explore the uninhabited, phone-free island of Ulko-Tammio, make sure book the right cruise. Both islands are located in the Gulf of Finland National Park, and the trip there will take about two hours.

Why is Ulko-Tammio Phone-Free?

At the initiative of Visit Kotka-Hamina, Ulko-Tammio Island was declared phone-free for the summer of 2023 with the goal of inspiring travelers to enhance their well-being by spending time in nature without digital devices. The campaign gained international media coverage worldwide during the summer of 2023.

Am I Allowed to Use My Phone on Ulko-Tammio?

Absolutely. There is reception on the island. It is good to have a phone with you and charged for emergencies while in the archipelago. The goal of the Phone-Free Ulko-Tammio initiative is to draw attention to unnecessary use of digital devices during a nature excursion. Digital-device-free time has been shown to increase well-being.

Where Can I Get Phone-Free Ulko-Tammio Stickers?

On the boat trip to Ulko-Tammio, you can take a sticker from the ship to cover your phone screen during the nature experience and focus solely on relaxing in nature. Please bring the sticker waste back to the mainland and dispose of it in appropriate bins.

Am I Allowed to Take Cellphone Pictures on the Phone-Free Island?

Certainly, but to create a phone-free environment for everyone seeking tranquility in nature, it is advisable to take pictures only when necessary and sparingly. If you have a camera separate from your phone, visiting Ulko-Tammio provides an excellent opportunity to use it.

How Popular Is Ulko-Tammio?

Ulko-Tammio has always been a particularly interesting destination for travelers. Meriset takes tourists to Ulko-Tammio several times a summer, and the cruises fill up early in the spring.

Additionally, the island attracts many boaters and fishermen, and the Phone-Free Ulko-Tammio campaign in the summer of 2023 and the “Destination of the Year” award received at the Travel Fair in January 2024 have sparked even more interest, also internationally. The island will continue with the phone-free theme in the coming summers. Statistics related to the archipelago can be found on the Metsähallitus website.

Can I Stay Overnight on Ulko-Tammio?

Absolutely, and camping in a tent or sleeping in a boat is a fantastic experience that we highly recommend! If you come to camp, set up in the designated camping area, and if you arrive by boat, moor it at the pier. There is also a wilderness hut on the island where you can stay if it is available. The hut cannot be reserved in advance, so be prepared with a backup plan.

The island has two barbecue areas and outdoor toilets. Only make fires in designated areas with the provided firewood. Avoid anchoring to protect the valuable seabed ecosystem, and bring all trash back to the mainland.

Is Fishing Allowed on Ulko-Tammio?

Fishing is allowed with a fishing license in these waters, and this area is known for catching whitefish in particular. Make sure you know Metsähallitus guidelines for anglers. A lucky angler might, during a quiet moment on a calm sea, spot a seal or even the rare and endangered Baltic ringed seal peeking from below the surface in the distance.

Is It Worth Coming to Ulko-Tammio for Bird Watching?

Absolutely. The Gulf of Finland’s Eastern waters are one of the best places in Europe to observe the spring and autumn migration of birds. Millions of waterfowl fly over the region in May and before the winter freeze.

During the Arktika event in Virolahti, you can join the traditional sailing ship M/Aux Vivan to witness this unique event. Depending on the winds, Vivan has occasionally docked at Ulko-Tammio as well.

How Can I Contribute to Conservation Efforts in the Archipelago of Eastern Gulf of Finland?

We are especially grateful to all responsible travelers who want to support the well-being of our unique and breathtaking, but fragile archipelago nature with their actions.

The entire Gulf of Finland National Park is a nature reserve. When visiting Ulko-Tammio, you are a guest in the home of wild animals and plants, so let’s enjoy the island, leaving no trace.

Much work has been done in recent decades for the well-being of the Baltic Sea, and as a result, it can be said that its clearest waters are found in its easternmost part. Let’s take good care of our archipelago nature so that we can continue to enjoy it in the future.

Collect both your own trash and any litter you find in nature and dispose of it in mainland bins. Walk around the island’s shores and collect all plastic waste. Plogging is trendy, and you can do it on the Ulko-Tammio nature trail.

Boaters are welcome to moor their boats at the pier instead of anchoring to avoid damaging the seabed. If the pier is full, there are rocky loops for mooring in the west and east bays. Wastewater should be emptied, for example, in Haminan Tervasaari marina or in proper containers on the mainland instead of releasing it into nature.

And naturally, as responsible travelers, we let birds nest in peace, aim to disturb the vegetation as little as possible, and above all, enjoy our time in the archipelago nature, recharging our well-being batteries and offering the same to others.

Is It Safe So Near the Border?

Ulko-Tammio is absolutely a completely safe destination. It is located about 6 km from the border zone. From the bird tower, you can see both the archipelago on the Russian side and occasionally the patrol activities of the Finnish border guard. By the stunning nature of Ulko-Tammio, it is very easy to forget all the worries of the world.

Warmly welcome to the unique Gulf of Finland National Park and its phone-free Ulko-Tammio! Surrounded by the blue horizon, you too can relax in the tranquility of nature and recharge your well-being without digital devices. The Explorer’s East Coast is waiting for you!