Ulko-Tammio guest harbor

60°21.04′ N, 27°27.24′ E
Map series A 606
Harbour code: 122

The island of Ulko-Tammio is the main site of the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park and its most popular destination for excursions. It is in the outer archipelago, just over 16 nautical miles from the guest harbour of Hamina and south-southeast of Rampsinkari.

Ulko-Tammio, which once consisted of two islands, offers places sheltered from the wind to travellers who want to arrive on the island with their own boat. It is the national park’s only excursion island with a pier. Länsilahti bay, on the northwest side of the island, has a water depth of between one and three metres and can be accessed via a fairway in which the markers are based on local knowledge. The bay has crib docks and pontoon docks to accommodate several boats.

On the opposite side of the island in Itälahti, boats can be secured to the pier at Itäsatama harbour or to the anchorages on the cliffs of Saunalahti bay or in Kauniskallio in the south of the bay. A campfire site or shelter can also be found in all these locations.

The island, which is over one kilometre long and 0.5 kilometres wide, has a rocky shore and rich and unique nature and flora. Winding paths all around the island take you to nature and military history destinations. Another unique experience is visiting the rectangular tunnel that has been dug into the rock in the middle of the island. The attractions of the fortified island, which was an outpost during the war, include cannons, the grave of a Soviet soldier and a plaque to commemorate the Battle of Someri. The views can be best admired by climbing the observation tower in the middle of the island.

When it comes to the services for hikers and backpackers, Ulko-Tammio is the gem of the national park. The island has several campfire and cooking shelters, and a camping site and an open wilderness hut for overnight stays. There are no services on the island, so bring everything with you, including drinking water.