Lanskeri nature marina

60°22.98’ N, 27°30.47’ E
Map series A 606
Harbour code: 119

Located just over two nautical miles northeast of Ulko-Tammio in the middle of shallow and rocky waters, Lanskeri is a forested rocky island of less than one kilometre that has long served as a fisherman’s rest.

Connecting the southern part of the island with its higher profile and difficult terrain, and the northern part of the island, which is easier to walk, is Lanskerinkaulanne, an isthmus of land about 60 metres wide, formed of gravel and meadows. To get on the island, depending on the direction of the wind, you should choose either the western or eastern shore of the northern part of the island, where mooring rings are attached to the rocks and tables, campfire sites and a dry toilet can also be found nearby.  

There are many islets around Lanskeri that serve as nesting sites for birds, such as black guillemot (Cepphus grylle, riskilä), which is featured on the official emblem of the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park. Please note that visiting the islets and causing disturbance by boating near them is prohibited during the bird nesting season. Just half a nautical mile east of Lanskeri is the small island of Metsä-Haru. Visiting the island is prohibited all year round due to nature conservation reasons.