Welcome to experience the unique atmosphere of Kuorsalo Island in the Eastern Gulf of Finland! At Keihäsranta Cottage, marvel at breathtaking sunsets and take a refreshing dip off the pier after a sauna. In this cozy, well-equipped cabin, focus on leisure and relaxation.

Situated approximately 16 kilometers east of Hamina, the historical, beautiful, and idyllic Kuorsalo Island offers stunning sea views, a private beach, excellent fishing waters, and two charming fishing villages. With a total area of 435 hectares, Kuorsalo is an ideal place for relaxation and enjoying nature.

Witness the extraordinary spectacle of spring bird migration on the island, featuring two observation towers, a communal area with a hut, and excellent trails for free movement. Additionally, explore captivating exhibitions at Kuorsalo School during the summer in Galleria Korusala.

Keihäsranta offers comfortable accommodation in a homey, well-equipped cabin with 4-6 beds, including amenities such as a rowboat, new pier, beach patio, terrace, electricity, drilled well water, refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, TV, outdoor furniture, charcoal grill, gas grill, outdoor toilet, wood-heated sauna, efficient fireplace, sandy bottom and beach, pier, and buoy for a larger boat.

Access to the island is possible even without your own boat, as transportation services are available from the mainland. Inquire about transportation when making a reservation.

Beyond its beauty, Kuorsalo Island boasts a rich history dating back 3200 years, serving as the center for Kymenlaakso’s valuable prehistoric discoveries. Vehkalahti, Kuorsalo, and Tammio Islands conceal not only archaeological treasures but also a continuous Metal Age history from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age.

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