Southeastern Coastal Virolahti

Discover Virolahti’s coastal allure, where maritime vistas harmonize with the calm of rural landscapes and woodland pathways. Tucked near the Russian border and the Eastern Gulf of Finland, this southeastern gem unfolds stories of imperial adventures while offering a perfect retreat for relaxation and serenity.

Klamila Harbor

A summer day at Klamilan Harbor promises delightful cuisine, laid-back harbor ambiance, and a sparkling seascape. Spend moments on the terrace of Bistro & Bar Potkuri, indulging in delicious fare and refreshing drinks. On market days, the harbor buzzes with activity, featuring occasional performers to enhance the vibrant atmosphere.

Bistro & Bar Potkuri

Harjun Hovi

Discover the magnificent oasis amidst the breathtaking southeastern countryside at Harjun Hovi. Here, you can stroll along the Salpa Line and explore bunkers, or descend the rocky slopes of Vahtivuori, once a source of stone for crafting wartime tank barriers.

Harjun Hovi

Bunker Museum

Virolahti Bunker Museum offers a captivating experience! Explore wartime cannons and armored vehicles, wander through trenches, and peer into bunkers.

The museum area features a protective barrier made from chiseled stones sourced from the cliff at Vahtivuori, a forested hill whose name translates to “Watch Mountain” in Finnish. These stone obstacles, reminiscent of Dragon’s Teeth, were strategically placed to defend against tank movements.

From the museum café terrace, admire the Dragon’s Teeth, and access the Salpa Line for a leisurely walk or a fatbike ride. The Green Belt Center provides insights into Virolahti’s history and environmental conservation.

Virolahti Bunker Museum

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