Phone-Free Island Ulko-Tammio Finland's Top Domestic Travel Destination of the Year

The island of Ulko-Tammio, along with other captivating islands nestled in the Eastern Gulf of Finland, has secured the prestigious title of Finland’s Domestic Travel Destination of the Year. This esteemed recognition, bestowed by the Guild of Travel Journalists, was unveiled on January 18th at the Matka Fair in Helsinki.

Nestled within the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park, Ulko-Tammio beckoned travelers during the summer of 2023 with an unconventional request — to stow away their phones and revel in a digital detox amidst nature’s embrace. This pioneering initiative marked Ulko-Tammio as the world’s first phone-free island for tourist exploration.

Johanna Tyynelä, Tourism Director at Visit Kotka-Hamina, expressed her elation, stating, “Commencing the tourism year 2024 with this commendation, alongside Metsähallitus, is truly gratifying. Our efforts garnered significant attention for Ulko-Tammio, sparking vital discourse on the restorative power of disconnecting from technology amidst pristine natural surroundings.”

Phone-Free Ulko-Tammio Makes Headlines Worldwide

Ulko-Tammio’s Phone-Free initiative garnered global acclaim, making headlines in over 1100 international print and television features, with domestic media amplifying the narrative.

The Guild of Travel Journalists’ jury justified their choice, underscoring the lesser-known yet stunning allure of the Eastern Gulf of Finland archipelago. Renowned for its natural splendor, the islands boast intriguing historical landmarks, meticulously restored and signposted for exploration.

“Despite recent developments in amenities, the archipelago’s authentic charm and tranquility remain unspoiled. Accessible even without personal watercraft, ferry services and water buses facilitate island exploration. The concerted efforts of local tourism stakeholders have placed the Eastern Gulf of Finland on the global tourism radar. Seamless website navigation, abundant information accessibility, and direct booking capabilities on the Destination Marketing Organization Visit Kotka-Hamina’s website further enhance the visitor experience,” lauded the Guild of Travel Journalists.

Ulko-Tammio: A Miniature Archipelago of the Gulf of Finland

Ulko-Tammio, nestled within the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park near Finland’s southeastern border, embodies the essence of the Gulf of Finland archipelago on a miniature scale. Verdant coniferous forests, lush groves, crystalline snorkeling waters, and rugged rocky landscapes characterize this idyllic retreat. Engaging narratives of the island’s rich history unfold through interpretive signage curated by Metsähallitus.

Travelers can embark on scenic boat cruises operated by MeriSet, with a leisurely voyage from Kotka to Ulko-Tammio spanning approximately two hours. Alternatively, tailored transportation services offered by local taxi boat companies provide flexible access to the island’s two harbors.

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