Salpa Trail Hiking Route

The Salpa Trail offers an excellent opportunity for outdoor exercise and recreation in the beautiful natural setting of Southeastern Finland.

Discover the Salpa Trail, a perfect natural retreat for outdoor activities. This 50-kilometer route traces the Salpa Line, meandering through Virolahti and Miehikkälä to South Karelia’s Hostikka cave. Along the way, explore Salpa Line relics like reinforced concrete dugouts and caves, all with informative boards.

Start your adventure at key points like the Salpa Line Museum, Bunker Museum, and Harju Learning Centre. The trail suits hikers and mountain bikers, offering flexibility for shorter journeys. The Myllylampi outdoor area in Miehikkälä connects to the route, featuring rest areas and a beach. In Harju, don’t miss the Vahtivuori and Huovinmäki trails. The Bunker Museum presents the Trail of the Unknown Soldier and Wilderness Trail.

If you’re with kids, enjoy a shorter trip with campfire cooking. Convenient car access is possible. Find drinking water at four locations, including Harju Learning Centre, both museums, and Sihkarinkallio. Geocaching enthusiasts can hunt for over 100 caches, adding exciting challenges to this historically rich and naturally stunning journey.

Where to Get to the Trail?

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