Virolahti Klamila Service Marina

Klamila boat harbour is a pleasant port of call that offers a wide range of services near the eastern border. The harbour also serves as an event venue, a place for hobbies and relaxing, and a meeting place for seasonal and permanent residents and tourists.

Coordinates60°30.4’ N, 27°28.8’ E
Map series
: A 605
Harbour code: 110

Satama-alueella toimii kesäravintola Bistro & Bar Potkuri. Satama-alueen lähistöltä löytyy myös 8-

Location: In the municipality of Virolahti, the services for boaters are centralised in the fishing harbour of the seaside village of Klamila, in Kelkkaniemi on the shores of Klamilanlahti Bay, roughly four nautical miles north of the main boating route. The distance from Klamila to the Santio border crossing point is eight nautical miles. Sheltered from the winds, the harbour can be reached from the main boating route via an easily navigable fairway with draughts of five metres and 4.2 metres. 

Boat berths: The guest pier managed by the local boating association Klamilan veneilijät has 15 berths for stern to mooring. The water depth in the berths for visiting boats ranges from 1.6 metres to 2.4 metres. For larger boats, the harbour offers side-on mooring to a concrete pier, with a water depth of 4.2 m. The harbour also has a 4.2 metre wide concrete boat launch ramp. There is another ramp for heavy loads, which is 9.5 metres wide. The harbour has parking spaces for boat trailers. 

Services: The harbour is open from 1 June to 15 August. Fuel (98E, diesel) can be purchased at the harbour 24/7 from a fuel dispenser with a card reader, and septic tank emptying, freshwater and laundry facilities are also available. There is an info booth in the harbour area that also sells ice cream and beverages, for example. Distance to the nearest store is about 1.5 km. Bicycles can be rented in the harbour. Paid showers and sauna facilities (upon reservation) can be found in the harbour area in the boat club’s sauna building. 

Restaurant Bistro & Bar Potkuri is open in the harbour during the summer. Nearby, you can also find an 8-lane disc golf course. Current and more detailed information about the harbour’s services and fees are available online at