Pyhtää in the Heart of Nature

Discover the enduring allure of Pyhtää through its gems – Valkmusa National Park and Kaunissaari, cherished year after year. Since the 1950s, Kaunissaari has beckoned holidaymakers with its expansive sandy beaches and the nostalgic charm of a fishing village. Whether in the southern harbor or the northern sandy stretches, a stroke of luck might reveal a stork or an otter.

Immerse yourself in Valkmusa’s unique southern Finnish vast swamp, plucking cranberries from the duckboards while observing the fascinating lives of rare birds and butterflies in the midst of breathtaking natural beauty. For the adventurous, Pyhtää’s Aeronautica Arena offers indoor surfing, a wind tunnel, flight experiences, and more!

Despite its small size, Pyhtää is anything but modest – visitors flock here to savor the abundant experiences it unfolds!

Captivating Kaunissaari

Among the various places named Kaunissaari, the authentic and enchanting one lies in Pyhtää, amidst the waters of the Eastern Gulf of Finland, just a convenient boat journey from Kotka’s Sapokka. Setting sail from Kotka’s Kuusinen harbor, the ferry to Kaunissaari, which translates to “Beautiful Island” in Finnish, embarks on a journey to this picturesque destination.

Since the 1950s, this island has captured the hearts of travelers. Along the shores of the old Satamalahti, vibrant red sheds and boat houses line the landscape. Charming fishermen’s dwellings, complete with yards and narrow lanes, invite visitors to immerse themselves in the ambiance of a 1930s fishing community, reflecting the rustic charm of this archipelago village.

The island boasts windswept pine forests, sculpted by the elements, while the extended sandy beaches along the north and east shores entice visitors to indulge in unhurried relaxation and aquatic pleasures on this aptly named Beautiful Island.


Lapland-like Valkmusa National Park

This pristine expanse of untouched bog, left in its natural state without drainage, is a rare treasure along the southern coast. Though not situated in Northern Finland, Valkmusa National Park offers a landscape reminiscent of Lapland.

Valkmusa is home to a valuable bird population, hosting endangered wetland species and those typically found in the northern regions, such as the ruff and the little stint. Throughout the park and its surroundings, numerous pairs of ospreys make their home, while the lively chatter of grouse fills the air from spring to fall mornings. During spring and early summer, the bog resonates with the vibrant calls of nesting birds. As autumn arrives, witness large flocks of cranes and geese taking a pause and spending the night in this serene bog.

Valkmusa National Park

Aeronautica Arena for Thrill-Seekers

Step into the world of Aeronautica Arena, where excitement knows no bounds. The unique event and adventure center offers a thrilling lineup of activities and versatile spaces.

At the heart of Aeronautica lies a free-fall flight tunnel, Finland’s largest indoor surfing area, and the cozy Aeronamnam bistro. Dive into the action with karting, electric bike rentals, kayaking, and boat trips on the scenic Kymi River. Elevate your experience with aviation adventures, from plane rides to helicopter tours, taking off from the nearby Helsinki-East Aerodrome.

Experience the extraordinary at Aeronautica Arena!

Aeronautica Arena

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