Aeronautica Arena

Looking for new and exciting experiences? How about a free-fall flight tunnel, indoor surfing, a small plane thrill ride, or a safari? Direct from Aeronautica, you can even take a helicopter to Tallinn or boat through the Struka locks to the archipelago. The staff of Aeronautica Arena can arrange to fly you and your group by seaplane for lunch on a deserted island or go rafting overnight in the wilderness with an experienced guide, and much much more!

Aeronautica Arena in Pyhtää offers all of the essential elements for business meetings and events, all under one roof. There is an abundance of space, a wide range of meeting and seminar facilities, a dedicated restaurant with a VIP sauna, and a bar and lounge area. Choose from a range of full dinner packages or picnic lunches. Whether it’s meetings, corporate events, conferences, trade fairs, or product launches the staff is ready to plan just the right package for you and your event.