ÖÖD Hotels Versso

Explore the fantastic ÖÖD Hotels experience accommodation on Versso Island in Pyhtää! Discover your serene retreat in the Finnish maritime landscape, nestled among majestic pine trees, right on the sandy shores. Marvel at the region’s rock formations and breathtaking views of the Gulf of Finland in the Versso archipelago.

Themed with Marimekko decor, Versso’s mirror cabins provide a touch of luxury in the heart of nature. Each ÖÖD house is thoughtfully equipped with all modern conveniences. You’ll have your private sauna, a comfortable double bed, a compact kitchen, a cozy living area, and a bathroom with a shower – all with stunning views! There are four cabins on the premises, and Marimekko has designed a unique interior for each, featuring timeless classics and renowned design pieces.

You can access Versso Island via a bridge. The location along the bay is perfect for swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking, and even fishing. On land, you can explore pristine hiking trails in untouched nature and enjoy the beauty of all four seasons. Nature’s embrace extends inside the mirror cabins, offering an immersive experience. Additionally, nearby attractions like Strömfors Ironworks and the Aeronautica Arena provide plenty of activities and sights for your vacation.

Versso Island is just an hour’s drive from Helsinki. You can also reach this splendid maritime accommodation by your private boat, plane, or helicopter, with Helsinki East Aerodrome located less than 15 minutes away from Versso.

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