The Beautiful Island Kaunissaari

Ahoy! Anchors up and upwind! Jump onboard a ferry at the Port of Kuusinen in Kotka to experience the mesmerizing Kaunissaari. The journey to the island takes about 1.5 hours, but it’s most definitely worth it. In Finnish, ‘kaunis’ means ‘beautiful’ and ‘saari’ translates as ‘island’, and this island sure is beautiful. Kaunissaari Island is the most popular tourist attraction at sea in Southeastern Finland – and has been that ever since the 1950s.

Here, the old harbor bay is lined with red beach storehouses and boathouses.  Idyllic fishermen’s huts with their gardens and narrow alleyways invite you to breathe in the atmosphere of the 1930s fishing community, a time this rustic archipelago village reminds you of. The island is covered with fine maritime pine forests shaped by the winds. The long sandy beaches on the northern and eastern shores invite you for leisurely relaxation and water games.

Hiking is a great way of seeing the island. On the shore of the harbor bay there is an archipelago museum displaying an interesting collection of items that tell a story about life, and the people, on the island. A shop, a café, sales outlets for smoked fish and handicrafts and the legendary restaurant Kaunissaaren Maja offer opportunities for enjoying delicious food and purchasing souvenirs.

Enjoy Pristine Beaches

Whether you stay at this authentic fishing village in a cottage, inn, or campsite – you are guaranteed to experience something special. Kaunissaari has gorgeous sandy beaches, local delicacies to try, and most importantly – stunning scenery in all directions. Take in the sunrise and sunsets, spend the day swimming, hiking, fishing or paddling, – or just enjoy your stay relaxing in the tranquility of nature.

Explore the Idyllic Fishing Village

Kaunissaari is the most popular island destination for tourists in Southeast Finland. It was originally inhabited in the 16th century, and there are still a few families that reside on the island all year round.

The island is partly covered with a pine forest that is characteristic to the Baltic Sea. The northern and the eastern shores of the island surprise the visitor with magnificent long sandy beaches. Its small marina is located in the southern part of the island, in an idyllic fishing village.

Choose Your Accommodation

There are many options for lodging on Kaunissaari. The north end of the island is better suited for campers and the south end for those who are looking for a place with modern amenities.

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