Valkmusa National Park

Valkmusa’s extensive natural open bogs give visitors a chance to wind down and see, hear, smell and even taste nature all around. Look out for wetland birds and fluttering marshland butterflies, especially in spring and summer when the air is filled with birdsong. Find tasty cranberries growing among the bog moss.

The marked circular trail of Western oasis (Läntinen keidas) starts and finishes at the Simonsaari parking area (Vastilantie 886). The trail leading to Moronvuori Day Trip Hut starts at the end of the road Suolinnantie (Suolinnantie 740) and finishes by the hut. Valkmusa National Park is a perfect day-trip destination suitable for visitors of all ages all year.

The untouched nature of Valkmusa National Park is at its liveliest in spring time. Nature that is colored by peat moss is a heaven for many bird and butterfly species. More than 40 types of mire habitats have been found within the National Park, which is an exceptionally abundant amount for Southern Finland. The natural features of the mires are considered internationally as valuable. The edges of these mires have for the most part remained in their natural state.

The peaceful Valkmusa National Park by the River Kymijoki offers a pristine mire landscape, hiking and skiing tours and a glimpse into the lives of wetland birds and marshland butterflies. Hike along the 2.5 km marked circular trail with duckboards across the Valkmusa mires. On the way, climb the nature tower to observe the wide-open mire landscape. On skis, you will have access to all parts of the national park – create your own ski trails on the terrain or ski along the maintained trail, if snow conditions permit.

Valkmusa is famous for the rich variety of its birdlife. Species nesting in the park include those typical of bird wetlands along the coast, such as redshank and pochard, and northern species, including whimbrel. Osprey and crane also number among the species thriving in Valkmusa. These quiet expanses of mire are favored by cranes and geese as resting areas.