Valkmusa National Park

Valkmusa National Park’s vast natural open bogs offer visitors a unique opportunity to relax and fully immerse themselves in nature. Here, you can see, hear, smell, and even taste the natural world that surrounds you. Keep an eye out for wetland birds and colorful marshland butterflies, especially during the vibrant seasons of spring and summer when the air is filled with the sweet melodies of birdsong. Don’t forget to discover the tasty cranberries growing amidst the lush bog moss.

Embark on the marked circular trail of the Western Oasis (Läntinen keidas), which begins and ends at the Simonsaari parking area (Vastilantie 886). Alternatively, explore the trail leading to Moronvuori Day Trip Hut, starting at the end of Suolinnantie road (Suolinnantie 740) and ending at the hut itself. Valkmusa National Park is the perfect day-trip destination, suitable for visitors of all ages throughout the year.

Valkmusa National Park is truly enchanting, especially during the springtime when the untouched nature comes to life. The landscape, adorned with vibrant peat moss, becomes a haven for numerous bird and butterfly species. The park boasts over 40 types of mire habitats, a remarkably rich diversity for Southern Finland. These mires are internationally recognized for their ecological value, and their edges have largely retained their natural state.

Situated alongside the serene River Kymijoki, Valkmusa National Park offers an unspoiled mire landscape, hiking and skiing opportunities, and a chance to observe the lives of wetland birds and marshland butterflies. Follow the 2.5 km marked circular trail, complete with duckboards that traverse the Valkmusa mires. Along the way, ascend the nature tower to gain a panoramic view of the expansive mire landscape. During the winter season, skiers can explore all corners of the national park, either by forging their own paths through the terrain or by skiing along maintained trails, depending on snow conditions.

Valkmusa is renowned for its rich birdlife. The park is home to species typical of coastal wetlands, such as redshank and pochard, as well as northern species, including whimbrel. You can also spot osprey and crane, thriving within the tranquil expanses of Valkmusa, which serve as vital resting areas for cranes and geese.