Maritime Town Kotka

Renowned for its award-winning parks, Langinkoski Rapids, and the vibrant Kotka Maritime Festival, the maritime town of Kotka offers a robust array of experiences waiting to be discovered.

The expansive sea surrounding Kotka Island is truly unparalleled. From here, you can uncover the treasures of the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park, with the Russian island of Suursaari visible on the horizon. After exploring the archipelago, the Kymi River, recognized as the prime destination for rafting and fishing in Southern Finland, invites you to indulge in nature activities. In the heart of Kotka, immerse yourself in culture, savor culinary delights at local restaurants, explore aquatic life at the Maretarium Aquarium, and engage with diverse and high-quality interactive exhibitions at the Maritime Centre Vellamo.

Did you know that the largest naval battle in the history of the Baltic Sea unfolded off the coast of Kotka? Discover the historical significance of the fortress town of Svensksund, also featured at Vellamo. For enthusiasts of architecture and design, a must-visit is Alvar Aalto’s Sunila. Recognized as the most extensive realized Aalto destination globally, it captivates admirers from every corner of the world.

Parks of Kotka

Kotka is distinguished for hosting our nation’s most celebrated parks. Its renowned Katariina Seaside Park offers clear views, on sunny days, of the Russian island Suursaari across the waters. Sapokka Water Garden enchants with its well-designed plantings and water features, drawing both locals and tourists alike. In the summer, vibrant displays of rhododendrons and azaleas grace the gardens, creating a colorful and picturesque scene. Sapokka also remains a popular destination in winter, where visitors can marvel at the frozen waterfalls, take a dip in the nearby ice hole, or try ice fishing on the sea. Kotka’s national urban park encompasses a variety of parks, some located on Kotkansaari Island and others along the banks of the Kymi River.

Parks of Kotka

Archipelago of the Eastern Gulf of Finland

The spirit of the sea permeates every corner of Kotka. The city center and many of its neighborhoods are nestled on islands, with a legendary tale that every Kotka resident possesses a boat. The harbor echoes with an authentic maritime pub atmosphere. In Kotka’s waters, history whispers – the largest naval battle in the Baltic Sea once unfolded here, leaving traces in the enduring fortress ruins. Kotka opens the door to exploring the captivating islands within the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park, revealing the beauty of this unique archipelago.

Breathtaking Archipelago

The Mighty Kymi River

The magnificent Kymi River presents a plethora of activities, ranging from salmon fishing to river rafting, kayaking, and even river yoga. Along the riverbanks, you’ll discover immersive accommodations and cottages, with Kotka’s city center just a fifteen-minute drive away. While traversing the Kymi River, be sure to explore the iconic Imperial Fishing Lodge at Langinkoski and relish the breathtaking rapids at Siikakoski. Such extraordinary experiences are unparalleled in Southern Finland. The allure of the Kymi River beckons!

The Mighty Kymi River

Maritime Centre Vellamo

Nestled in Kotka’s historic Kantasatama harbor, the impressive wave-like structure of Maritime Center Vellamo conceals a wealth of maritime and regional history exhibitions, event spaces for meetings and celebrations, a restaurant, and a museum shop. Above all, it offers a day of exploration, delving into naval battles and the poignant human stories they entail. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more enriching set of quality exhibitions!

Maritime Centre Vellamo

Maretarium - Underwater World of Finnish Fish

Maretarium, an immersive naturalistic aquarium, unveils the rich diversity of Finnish fish. With over 60 distinct species of fish and small aquatic creatures, visitors can embark on a captivating underwater journey. Beyond the aquarium tour, indulge in exploring a nature photo exhibition, watching informative nature films, participating in engaging activities at the nature school, savoring a delightful meal at the café, and acquiring keepsakes from the Sea Shop. A visit to Maretarium promises not just enjoyment but also enrichment and education, making it an ideal experience for the entire family.

Maretarium – Underwater World of Finnish Fish

Aino and Alvar Aalto's Sunila

Sunila, an icon in the world of architecture, stands as the most expansive realization of the design collaboration between Aino and Alvar Aalto. Drawing architecture enthusiasts from across the globe, this unique gem is situated just 13 kilometers from Kotka’s city center, making it an ideal destination, especially for those who enjoy exploring by bicycle. A must-visit for anyone with a passion for architecture and design!

Alvar Aalto’s South-East Finland

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