Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge Museum


Welcome to experience the imperial atmosphere in Langinkoski.

Russian Emperor Alexander III visited the Kymijoki estuary in Langinkoski in the late 19th century, fell in love with the place, and had a fishing lodge built there. It became the favourite place of the entire imperial family, as it offered something quite different from the pomp of St. Petersburg and strict court etiquette.

The fishing hut now serves as a museum. On the ground floor, there is a large hall, kitchen, dressing rooms and study rooms, while the bedrooms are upstairs. The original items and photos tell stories of high-ranking residents living a modest life in the house. Close by, there’s also a small chapel, fish hatchery, fisherman’s cabin, and a shed for fishing gear.

Langinkoski is still a popular fishing spot. The surrounding nature reserve also has plenty of paths for nice walks.

The museum is maintained by the Finnish Heritage Agency. Look up more information on their website.