Park Tour in Kotka

Kotka, Finland, proudly bears the title of “City of Parks,” a distinction well-deserved. These meticulously nurtured parks have transformed into a unique city attraction. Here, you can immerse yourself in the natural ambiance, savor the surroundings, engage in outdoor activities, or relax at Finland’s largest picnic table. Kotka’s exceptional and award-winning parks offer a diverse range of experiences.

The Kotka Park Tour spans 8.1 kilometers, allowing you to cherry-pick your favorite parks or traverse the entire route on foot or by bike. The journey encompasses renowned locations like the Sapokka Water Garden, Katariina Seaside Park, Sculpture Promenade, Palotorninvuori Park, Sibelius Park, Toivo Pekkanen Park, Fuksinpuisto Park, Pionipuisto Peony Garden, Isopuisto Park, and Herb Garden Redutti.

Sapokka, that also has a marina, has transformed into a lush green haven dominated by water elements. Flowing streams, ponds, and a striking 20-meter waterfall grace the park, while the Eero Hiironen Square showcases seven impressive works by Professor Hiironen.

Katariina Seaside Park, nestled amidst the ruins of the Ruotsinsalmi fortress, offers extensive outdoor recreational space, perfect for picnics. An exceptional stone table, claimed to be Finland’s largest, accommodates up to 50 people by the sea. The park also boasts a meditation labyrinth inspired by the Chartres Cathedral.

The two-kilometer-long Sculpture Promenade winds through Kotka’s city center, flanked by linden trees and adjoining parks – Toivo Pekkanen Park and Sibelius Park. Together, they create an exquisite sculpture park showcasing contemporary art, honored with national environmental structure awards and the Pro Sculptura medal.

Notably, five of Kotka’s parks have earned the prestigious Green Flag Award, with four along this route. Sustainability shines through in the parks’ construction, with the use of recycled materials, reclaimed land masses, quarry waste stones, and old cobblestones creatively incorporated.

This route also reveals historic naval fortifications dating back to the battles of Svensksund (1789–1790), lovingly restored as attractions. The Herb Garden thrives within an ancient redoubt, and Fort Katarina artillery battery stands proudly in Katariina Seaside Park. Isopuisto Park shelters Kotka’s oldest intact building, the Orthodox Church, a venerable relic from centuries past.

Come and explore this harmonious blend of nature, history, and artistry in Kotka’s exceptional parks.

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