Villa Marianne

Half an hour from Kotka, north of the Kymi River valley, you come across the friendly village of Huruksela. At Huruksela, you can find Villa Marianne, located by the river, in a quiet place at the edge of the forest.

This high-end cottage has it all. The building is new, functional and comfortable. While sitting in the evening in the downstairs living room, you can admire the river scenery and the sunset from the large windows in the glow of the fireplace directly from the sofa.

The modern equipment of the cottage covers everything you need: a dishwasher, oven, stove, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, washing machine, electric sauna, two showers, separate toilet, two bedrooms and a large sleeping loft and a fireplace. Spend the evening in a hot tub or in a gentle wood-heated sauna, admiring the river and the sunset from the large terrace between the cottage and the river. From the long jetty on the beach, you can fish, go snorkeling or take a dip in the refreshing Kymi River.

Once in Huruksela, enjoy a cup of coffee at the legendary Susikoski Kahvila, go swimming in the river, do river yoga, go down the rapids or go kayaking. During the spring and autumn migration of birds, you may see rare species in this area. There is also a riding stable along the road to the cottage.

For more information about Villa Marianne, go to Nettimöki website.

Villa Marianne now also has a little sister, Villa Hannamari. For more information and booking details, go to Nettimökki website.