East Coast Attractions

Whether you are interested in churches, museums, or open-air sites, East Coast of Finland will offer you unique experiences. Here, the sea, the mighty river and local history are present everywhere. Immerse yourself in local culture and cuisine, and enjoy the quiet and beauty of Finnish nature. 

For those who feel at home in the hustle and bustle of town life, Sapokka Water Garden and other award-winning parks in Kotka offer experiences for all the senses. No wonder they call Kotka ‘the Park Capital of Finland’. Rent a town bike and take in the seaside atmosphere in a cozy little marina and pop into some museums and cafés. 

In just an hours drive from Helsinki you will find a treasure dove of three maritime cities Kotka, Hamina and Loviisa, and three rural towns Pyhtää, Virolahti and Miehikkälä. They say that East Coast has all the attractions that Finland has to offer from Lapland-like landscapes to wild rapids, rugged forests and serene seascapes. Once you are in our region, you will get anywhere just within another hour.

To get the sense of history of the region, visit the Salpa Line Museum and the Bunker Museum, as well as the amazing Maritime Centre Vellamo on the Kotkansaari Island, in the heart of maritime Kotka and its legendary old harbor area. The largest naval battle in the Baltic Sea took place just off this island some centuries ago. 

Discover Kotka City Parks

Experience the beauty of Kotka’s parks, with the Kotkansaari Park Trail spanning five scenic kilometers. Explore at your own pace, whether on foot or by bike, and discover captivating spots like Sapokka Water Garden, Katariina Seaside Park, the Sculpture Promenade, Haukkavuori Lookout Tower, Palotorninvuori Park, Mansikkalahti, Sibelius Park, and the Redutti-Kotka Herb Garden on your journey.

Parks of Kotka

Fall in Love with an Adorable Old Ironworks Village

Strömfors Ironworks, situated in the Ruotsinpyhtää (or Strömfors in Swedish) village in the town of Loviisa is the home of one of the oldest and best preserved ironworks villages in Finland. The iconic view with the red historic buildings offers a popular spot for selfies by the Kymi River. At the village you can also have a delicious meal, go kayaking, do yoga and have a sauna in a yurt, and stay the night!

Strömfors Ironworks

Explore the Historic Circular Town Plan of Hamina

You can’t find many circular town plans in the world, but in Hamina, there is one. At the heart of it lies the beautiful old Town House, and along the streets fanning out from it, there are stories from the old days when cosmopolitan merchants trod here with their aspiring plans and dreams for the future.

Hamina & Thousand Stories

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