Peaceful Countryside in Miehikkälä

Tourist destinations in Miehikkälä are intertwined with stunning nature. The highlight in the southeast corner is the Salpa Line Museum, presenting wartime history in a lush outdoor setting, guiding visitors to explore fascinating structures such as bunkers and trenches.

Miehikkälä’s diverse nature provides a splendid backdrop for nature tourism, offering activities like hiking on the Salpa Trail or cycling in the cultural landscapes of the Vaalimaa River Valley, just a two-hour drive from the capital region. From local entrepreneurs’ services, you can opt for personalized visits, such as touring a sheep farm.

Salpa Line Museum

Miehikkälä’s Salpa Line Museum recounts the construction of the Salpa Line, the defensive line along the eastern border during the last wars, and the individuals involved in its creation. Situated on a vast, rugged, and fortified outdoor museum area spanning several hectares, the museum was originally built as a fortified base for a reinforced company. The museum’s diverse services and the impressive historical and natural features of the museum area make it an engaging destination for the whole family.

Miehikkälä Salpa Line Museum

Nature Paradise

Let the enchanting nature of Miehikkälä captivate you. The serene landscapes, three rivers flowing into the Gulf of Finland, and numerous lakes and ponds invite you to explore. Immerse yourself in the fairytale-like Finnish countryside. Visit Natura sites, relax in breathtaking landscapes at shelters, take a dip in a forest pond, and spend the night in a wilderness cabin, such as the popular Jermula. Did you know that Miehikkälä received the Best Environmental Action Award in 2021 for the restoration of Hauhiankoski Rapids? Now, migratory fish can ascend the Vaalimaa River unimpeded. For hikers, various services are available, from food services to laundry facilities, and equipment for outdoor activities, including tentsile tents and fat bikes.

Salpa Trail Hiking Route

Charming Countryside

In Miehikkälä, you can experience peace and tranquility, the starry sky and darkness, adventure, and a fairytale-like atmosphere. Choose to stay in cottages, wilderness cabins, or farm accommodations. Larger groups are also accommodated at places like Lapjärvi Camp and Course Center. Or how about a shepherd’s holiday at Seppälä Sheep Farm? Let the charm of the countryside captivate you.

Seppälä Farm

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