Katariina Seaside Park

Katariina Seaside Park is a cherished gem among Kotka’s parks, offering breathtaking views extending far into the horizon from its stunning peninsula location. Here, visitors of all ages can indulge in a day of diverse activities – from admiring the lush plantings to sunbathing on smooth rocks, floating bark boats in the seawater stream, seeking shade under the grand oak tree, and taking in the panoramic vistas from Ankkuriluoto.

For the more active park enthusiasts, there are frisbee baskets, a parkour track, a skateboarding ramp, a whimsical Moomin-themed playground, a labyrinth, and vast grassy areas perfect for ball games and kite flying. Art and craftsmanship also adorn the park, with highlights including the 28 oak soldiers commemorating the Battle of Svensksund and intricate miniature models of lighthouses dotting the Eastern Gulf of Finland.

Don’t miss the chance to hop on a boat from the pier to Langinkoski for a brief visit, before returning to the park in the evening for a delightful barbecue by the shore.