Valkmusan kansallispuisto
Valkmusa National Park

The Valkmusa National Park in Pyhtää is a unique piece of wilderness. It includes Munasuo, which is Finland’s largest raised bog, and Kananiemensuo known for its wet mire habitat ... should you be interested in scientific details! Nature lover or not, the marshlands are as breathtakingly beautiful as Lapland. See what you can find!

Valkmusan suot


A bog is a bog, they all look the same. Or do they? Valkmusa is home to more than 30 different habitats. Such as the raised bog, whatever that might be. Walking in the area has been made easy with boardwalks, so your shoes should not get too wet.

Kalasääski Valkmusassa


Can you spot the crane? Was that a redshank? I thought the Purple-bordered Gold was, well, golden! This is your moment to show off your knowledge of birds and butterflies, should you have any. Have a competition on how many you can spot!

Moronvuoren päivätupa


Moronvuori hill is known for its handsome granite cliffs and boulders, which make for an unusual destination for a nature adventure. During the summer it can be reached by a boardwalk and in the winter by skiing. At the destination, a wilderness hut awaits, where you can make a cup of coffee and roast some sausages on an open fire. The views are out of this world!