Palotorninvuori Park

In Palotorninvuori Park, a window to the past and future unfolds before you. This charming park, named after the fire tower built in 1895, offers a unique view of Kotka’s old main harbor. From the observation deck, admire the magnificent landmarks of the Main Harbor such as the Maritime Centre Vellamo, the Event Centre Satama, the Finnish Wooden Boat Center, and the museum icebreaker Tarmo.

As your gaze extends further, you can see the silhouette of the Sunila factory designed by Alvar Aalto rising behind Hietanen Harbor and the bay. In the 1930s, Aalto created the Sunila residential area around the factory, which attracts architecture enthusiasts from around the world.

Palotorninvuori Park is more than just a viewpoint—it’s a story of the past and the future, to be experienced with all senses. The park’s restoration in 2005–2006 brought new life to the area: paved paths, abundant plantings, new lighting, and even a dog park make this place a perfect destination for a day trip.

The atmosphere of the park is characterized by the Ahtaajat statue, erected in 1966, honoring the heavy tradition of stevedoring. The Ritsa memorial, on the other hand, speaks of the area’s significant role in air defense during the Winter War.

On a summer evening, it’s delightful to watch the sunset over the Main Harbor from the Palski Bar on Palotorninvuori’s observation deck. With luck or by following our event calendar, you may arrive at the park just in time to hear some jazz melodies.

Welcome to explore Palotorninvuori Park—step into history and dream of the future!