Kilpisaari nature marina

60°16.87′ N, 27°18.9′ E
Map series A 608
Harbour code: 131

Kilpisaari, measuring just over a square kilometre, is one of the nicest camping islands in the eastern Gulf of Finland with its extensive rocky beaches. It is in the outer archipelago of Kotka, about three nautical miles east of Haapasaaristo. It is the last of the larger islands before the southeast border of Finland.

Nature on the island is varied and rich compared to the nearby smaller rocky islands. Vegetation is more lush in the northern part of the island. Trees are mainly old knotty pines. The camping facilities, which include a camping site, a campfire site with tables and benches and a dry toilet, are in the northeastern part of the island.

Sheltered from most winds, the high rocky beach in the northeast corner of Kilpisaari is a good access point to the island, where you can find the remains of an old concrete pier and anchorage for boats. Alternative places for mooring for the duration of a day visit can be found in the southern tip of Lounatniemi peninsula, where the flat cliffs provide suitable places for securing your boat with the stern anchor. However, you should have enough long ropes for mooring.

The island’s attractions are the numerous World War II structures situated along the island’s shores, including partly collapsed bunkers and fire stations. 

You can enjoy the sea breeze on the coastal cliffs of Kilpisaari, which offer uninterrupted views out to the sea. When the weather is good, you can see the silhouettes of Suursaari and Someri rising from the sea, as they are the closest islands on the Russian side.