Museum Experiences for Everyone at Maritime Centre Vellamo

At the Maritime Centre Vellamo, bringing forth the maritime history of the region is a given, but Vellamo also emphasizes social, ecological, and economic responsibility.

Concrete actions have been taken at Vellamo to reduce energy consumption, such as replacing lights with more energy-efficient ones. Circular economy thinking is strongly incorporated into exhibition design and the selection of building materials. Domestic and local products are favored in procurement. The museum shop, Plootu, offers lovely sustainable products.

Everyone is welcome at Vellamo, both as visitors and employees. Accessibility and inclusivity are of utmost importance. Visitors can enjoy free entry to the museum once a week, and museum materials can be accessed online if one cannot visit in person. During a museum visit, one can choose to explore the Rainbow Path, which offers a perspective on the exhibitions from an LGBTQ+ standpoint. Vellamo also aims to support the employment of people from diverse backgrounds, and visitors may encounter interns or individuals completing work trial periods.

As a recognition of all this great work in sustainable tourism, the Maritime Centre Vellamo has been awarded the Green Key certification. The Green Key program will continue to guide Vellamo’s efforts in sustainability.

To learn more about the sustainable tourism initiatives at the Maritime Centre Vellamo, you can visit Vellamo’s website.