Island Hotel Opens Hearts with the Green Key

Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone in the center of Kotka strongly emphasizes sustainability, especially with the Green Key certification that supports ecological sustainability.

“Key elements of energy savings at Seurahuone include monitoring room temperatures and investing in energy-efficient devices and water conservation,” says hotel manager Pasi Pekkanen.

Although Finland has abundant water resources compared to many other countries, saving warm water is important from an energy-saving perspective. “Based on water flow measurements, Seurahuone has replaced over 90% of showerheads with water-saving models,” Pekkanen specifies.

Recycling is also an integral part of Seurahuone’s operations. This is evident in the recycling of discarded beds and beddings to various donation destinations, as well as waste sorting options in hotel rooms.

With the Green Key certification, the theme of sustainability extends systematically to subcontractors. “For example, environmentally responsible cleaning agents are required to be used in cleaning operations,” Pekkanen cites as an example.

The hotel also encourages guests to engage in environmentally responsible practices. “We offer Green Key informational materials, bicycles and electric scooters for borrowing, as well as information on cycling routes and public transportation in the area,” says Pekkanen.

In restaurant operations, Seurahuone takes into account the development of organic and local product usage, as well as vegetarian options. Vegetarian choices are always available for breakfast and in the restaurants. “We also ensure that endangered fish species are not used,” adds Pekkanen. Minimizing food waste is also part of the daily routine in Seurahuone’s kitchen.

In line with the sustainability theme, Seurahuone annually supports the activities of the Keep the Archipelago Clean organization (Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry).