Experience cold water swimming at Marina Cafe Laituri in Kotka

Many active cold water swimming enthusiasts say that cold water swimming gives them an energy boost and reduces stress . The sport is highly addictive and many become hooked on cold water the first time they try it.

At Marina Cafe Laituri, the saunas are heated for cold water swimmers from 3pm to 9pm on weekdays and from 12 noon to 9pm on weekends. You can swim without a sauna between 7am and 10am in the mornings.

Caretaker Kari Jalkanen, who is in charge of the saunas at Marina Cafe Laituri, shares a few tips for cold water swimming, based on 20 years of experience (Read more)

“Take courage and just try it. It will take your breath away on your first swim, but you quickly get used to the cold water. I recommend alternating several times between the sauna and water,” Jalkanen advises.
A swimsuit is the main gear required. Marina Cafe Laituri has warm mats, so you won’t need slippers. “A sauna hat or other headgear is recommended, because you lose body heat through the head. Do not stay in the water for too long. I stayed for five minutes on one occasion, which was too long,” says Jalkanen.

Sports shops sell neoprene gloves and slippers suitable for cold water swimming.

Cold water swimming is suitable for almost everyone.

“Our oldest swimmers are over 80 years old. Many parents bring a young child, and dip the child into the water.  This is also a social hobby, interesting discussions are sparked and new acquaintances made on the benches.”