Marketplaces on the East Coast

Discover the East Coast’s marketplaces, where you’ll find a treasure trove of delicious delights and a taste of authentic local life. The air resonates with friendly chatter, tables brim with local produce, and traditional delicacies are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Be quick if you want to savor the famous ‘posso,’ a delightful pig-shaped flat doughnut filled with apple marmalade, as they tend to sell out before noon.

Kotka Market Square

Kotka Market Square is a vibrant hub of commerce, offering a variety of food items, including delectable meat pies and ‘posso’ doughnuts available in the local cafés. Beyond shopping, the square exudes a unique and lively atmosphere.

Hamina Marketplace

Hamina boasts one of the most extensive traditional marketplaces in Finland, situated on a former ‘pesäpallo’ (Finnish baseball) field. Can you locate all the bases while exploring the area?

Karhula Marketplace

The Karhula Marketplace convenes locals for shopping every Wednesday and Saturday, offering an array of goods, from bread, fish, meat, and vegetables to flowers and bakery products. Don’t forget to indulge in ‘posso’ doughnuts, the iconic pig-shaped delicacies beloved across the nation!

Loviisa Marketplace

Loviisa Marketplace offers a delightful shopping experience, where you can discover an array of culinary delights, regional specialties, and unique handicrafts, along with second-hand interior items. This picturesque location is further enhanced by the presence of Loviisa’s charming town hall, and the grand town church, both gracing the market square’s periphery, adding to the town’s historical allure.