Alvar Aalto’s Kantola

Architect Alvar Aalto’s design, Sunila, is the most internationally renowned architectural landmark on the East Coast. Protected by a master plan, the entirety of the Sunila factory area includes the factory manager’s residence, Kantola, and the beach sauna, along with 12 row and apartment buildings and architecturally intriguing service buildings. Once hailed as the world’s most beautiful factory, Sunila and its residential area became an icon of Aalto’s international modernism.

The beautiful and spacious functionalist house Kantola, designed by Alvar Aalto, served as the representative home for the manager of the Sunila factory until the 1980s. Kantola showcases Aalto’s holistic design thinking and typical elements of his architectural style. Kantola is available for rent for meetings, training sessions, and various events. It also features four bedrooms that can be used as accommodation upon prior arrangement. Groups, by advance booking, can enjoy an architect brunch at Kantola, featuring local flavors and favorites of the architect couple. Kantola adheres to the principles of sustainable tourism in its operations and has earned a certification for its commitment to responsible tourism practices.