The Old Centre of Hamina and The Fortress

A lively trading post sprung up in the Middle Ages on the coast, where boat routes and a major coastal road converged. This was already documented in 1336. And it was here, in 1653, in this node of good transport connections and bustling international trade, that the town of Hamina was established.

The outward-pointing corners form six bastions — named after cities in Finland that had fortresses at the time — which enclosed the historical centre of Hamina, with its distinctive circular town plan. The eight streets of the centre start from Raatihuoneentori in the middle. Two cross streets run concentrically, following the shape of the fortress. The central bastion, which was completed last in the 19th century, hosts Hamina’s biggest public events, and is known today as the Hamina Bastion. Hamina is a world-class small town whose fortifications conceal a range of fascinating locations within walking distance of each other. Charming wooden houses, beautiful churches and interesting museums will sweep you off your feet.