Organic Farming at a Reneissance Castle

In the rural area of Loviisa, just under an hour’s drive from the capital region, you can visit the unique Renaissance castle, brewery, and organic farm at Malmgård Manor. Count Henrik Creutz, the 13th generation lord of the manor and a passionate organic farmer, guides visitors through the castle, sharing its history and the operations of the organic farm.

“The manor has a long tradition dating back to the 17th century. Although the activities have changed over time, key elements have always been manor tourism, organic farming, guided tours, and the production and sale of organic products and beers. We are a family business, and the family is actively involved in the operations. For us, responsibility also means caring for our employees,” says Henrik.

Malmgård, which cultivates ancient grains, believes in the allure of organic products, and for good reason. Customers always appreciate the abundance of organic products, according to Henrik.

“In the 1990s, we made the decision to eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers in grain cultivation. Customers always praise the variety of organic products,” Henrik explains.

At Malmgård, which operates in the food industry, cleanliness and safety are naturally taken seriously.

“Given the nature of our operations, we are very strict about following rules and regulations. Both the shop and the entire premises must be clean. This extends to product display, packaging, high-quality food, and excellent customer service. Cleanliness, quality products, and good service are also important for our image,” Henrik reveals.

In addition to their own organic products, Malmgård’s shop also sells products from other local businesses.

“We always tell group visitors about the origins and stories of the products in the shop. We know the origin of every product, and it’s amazing to see how customers are fascinated by these stories,” Henrik shares.

Local networks and collaboration with other entrepreneurs in the region are close to Henrik and the Malmgård team’s hearts. They hire employees from the local area, organize events for locals, and develop the manor’s activities in support of the community.

“For example, before the holiday season, locals gather at Malmgård. The shop is open all year round, although summer is naturally our peak season. We still receive groups in September, and our goal is to extend the season until the end of October,” Henrik says.

As Malmgård does not offer accommodation, they gladly recommend local lodging options to their visitors. Travelers do not care about provincial boundaries, so all the services along the Eastern Coast complement the travel experience well.

Malmgård also cherishes the cultural heritage of manor environments by actively participating in the European Historic Houses network.

“Often, visitors arrive at the manor who want to see as many manors in Finland or even in Europe as possible. It always gives a sense of being part of something bigger and worth preserving,” Henrik explains.

Malmgård communicates all of this through its website, social media, events, signs, and packaging.

“We are often discovered online before visitors arrive. Many already know what they want or what they are looking for, for example, from the shop shelves. But it’s also important to participate in events and share with people the values and traditions of Malmgård,” Henrik concludes.

Explore the services of Malmgård Manor and pay a visit! You are warmly welcome to an organic journey on the East Coast!