Maretarium Operates Responsibly

The Maretarium is an attraction in Kotka, Finland, exhibiting Finnish aquatic nature and fish species, with a strong focus on tourism sustainability in its operations. In the exhibition halls, visitors can learn about topics such as protecting aquatic ecosystems and preserving fish stocks. In 2014, the Maretarium received the WWF Panda Award for its work.

Mareterium Managing Director Sari Saukkonen says, “Our basic principle is to promote knowledge of nature, hobbies, and research into nature. The Maretarium’s ecologically responsible working practices include such things as careful waste sorting, chemical-free aquarium processes and the promoting of energy-efficiency.”

As proof of its commitment to sustainability, Maretarium was awarded the Visit Finland Sustainable Travel Finland label in 2020 as one of the first Kotka-Hamina destinations to receive the title.