Hamina's Vimpa Islands Has Nature in Focus

Vimpa Islands, which offers accommodation, experience excursions and programme services in Hamina, brings its customers right up close to nature, with a deep, ecological mindset in all of its operations.

Local entrepreneur Pertti Illi, says “We have made Rakinkotka into an eco-island, so in addition to wood stoves for heating, we also utilise a fully self-sufficient electricity system with power coming from solar and wind.”

The ecological aspects of construction have also been taken into account in Rakinkotka. Some of the buildings on the island are wooden structures that date back to the 19th century, providing very effective long-term carbon storage.

“Additionally, many of the new constructions on the island have been made from trees felled by storms,” adds Illi.

Guests at Rakinkotka are served delicious local food, including fish caught in local waters and vegetables straight from the island’s garden. The island is also home to grazing sheep and chickens.