Explore East Coast Biking, Hiking and Kayaking Routes

With an irresistible call to adventure, we invite you to uncover the stunning and diverse routes along the East Coast. Whether your clients are avid hikers, city explorers, cyclists, paddlers, or trail runners, there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy. Here are our top five recommendations for those seeking new adventures along the East Coast.

Cycle through Urban Parks, Rapids, and Countryside 

Our cycling routes will take your clients to seaside fortresses, along the magnificent Kymi River, through picturesque rural landscapes, and into the majestic forests.

Choose from a variety of routes, watch route videos, find tips for the journey, and navigate with our online maps.

With help of our routes you will be able to plan own unforgettable cycling adventures! 

Paddle in Peace on the Magnificent Kymi River 

Just an hour away from the capital city, your clients can immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenery along the tranquil paddling route of the Kymi River.

This stunning river takes paddlers to untouched nature and historic sites. Herons on the banks and dragonflies dancing on the water’s surface are common sights.

An exciting paddling adventure awaits on “Finland’s Amazon!” 

Stroll through Charming Old Houses on a City Walk 

Step back in time and immerse yourself in Loviisa’s captivating history on the Loviisa Historic Houses Walking Route.

Wander through well-preserved 18th-century wooden neighborhoods, savor the atmosphere of bygone cafes, and shop in delightful interior boutiques.

Discover Loviisa’s charm through our route video and map

Embark on an Adventure along the Historic Salpa Trail 

For those seeking an unforgettable natural experience, embark on the legendary Salpa Trail.

This route winds through the forests, hills, and fields of Virolahti and Miehikkälä, crossing into South Karelia to reach Hostikka Cave.

History meets hikers on these trails, with opportunities to visit two museums along the way!

Conquer Hamina Fortress Trail

Hamina Fortress Trail Walking Route is an excellent way to explore the history of this unique fortress city.

This easy route is suitable for families, taking you along the fortress ramparts, introducing historical buildings through QR codes, and guiding you to museums, galleries, shops, and cafes. The journey concludes at the magnificent Town Hall Square in the heart of the historic circular city. 

We warmly welcome you and your clients to explore these amazing East Coast routes, offering an array of experiences for all types of travelers.

For more information, detailed itineraries, and assistance in planning unforgettable tours, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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