Discovering East Coast

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting guests from Germany who were touring some of our most interesting travel destinations on the East Coast of Finland. The group consisted of tour operators and travel advisors looking for new travel destinations.

During the the two-day tour, the group experienced the following attractions:

This visit was organized together with Visit Porvoo, Visit Kouvola and Visit Sipoo, offering an extensive view over the whole region east of our capital city, Helsinki.

We would like to thank Jennifer Hartmann from Berge & Meer Touristik GmbH, Claudia Freyer-Lindner from FairAway, Kjartan Bjoern Strumann from Kria-Tours, Frank Fabian Oberfahrenhorst from Lebenslust Touristik, Detlef Pöpperl from SkandAktiv, Martin Peter Strub from Studiosus Reisen München GmbH, Nicola Gabriele Spaeth from travel-to-nature GmbH, as well as Ulla Sperling from Visit Finland and Isabella Greiderer from Lieb Management.

Hope to see you back on the East Coast soon!