Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge

Keisarinmajantie 118, Kotka
  • Langinkoski Talvi
  • Keisaripari Langinkoski
  • Langinkoski Kotka.JPG
  • Langinkoski, Kotka
  • Langinkoski, Kotka

How does a real emperor spend his holiday? By the River Kymijoki, at Langinkoski near Kotka, fishing and enjoying the magnificent nature in peace. Naturally! Welcome to sense the imperial atmosphere!

Unique history

Russian Czar Alexander III visited the Kymijoki delta at Langinkoski at the end of the 19th century. He was enchanted by the natural beauty of the place and commenced building a fishing lodge for himself there. The imperial summer holiday location was completed in 1889. It became the favourite destination of the imperial family, a place where they could relax and forget the strict court etiquette and the golden rooms of the Winter Palace in St Petersburg. The Czar would fish and chop wood at Langinkoski while the Czarina would cook. Proper cottage life!

The fishing lodge of Alexander III, Czar of Russia, in the Langinkoski preservation area, is the only building owned by the Czar that has been preserved outside the Russian borders.

A cosy museum

The fishing lodge operates now as a museum. The reception room, kitchen and dressing rooms and studies are located downstairs, with the bedrooms upstairs. Original objects and photographs tell stories of the high-ranking residents of this modest house. The courtyard includes a small chapel, fish hatchery, fishermen’s cottage and a shed for fishing equipment. The buildings are surrounded by several waterways of various sizes, and the nearby area is a nature preservation area.

Langinkoski remains a popular fishing area. The environment also has plenty of trails for leisurely trekking.

Access to nature conservation area is free of charge.

Groups will book museum guide at address or by tel. +358 29 533 6991.

Ticket prices 2020

  • Adults 8e
  • Students/pensioners/groups over 10 people 6e
  • Children under 18 years free of charge
  • with national Museum card entrance free.