Haukkavuori Sightseeing Tower

Built on the highest point on Kotkansaari island, the sightseeing tower in Art Nouveau and Classicism style rises to a height of 72 metres from the sea. When you look to the north in clear weather, you can see Kouvola 47 kilometres away, and in the south you can see Suursaari island, some 40 kilometres away in the Gulf of Finland. If the weather is not so clear, you can nevertheless enjoy a fantastic view over Kotka and the archipelago.

Haukkavuori tower was originally a water tower, and Lottas – women who serve in a auxiliary paramilitary organisation – used it as an air observation post in World War II. It was converted into a sightseeing tower in the 1960s. There is a summer restaurant at the lower level, and what used to be the water tank has been converted into an exhibition space, with changing exhibitions.

The Lottas used it as an air observation post throughout World War II. The tower gallery has changing exhibitions.

The Sightseeing Tower is open during the summer and often depending on volunteer work. Follow the updates on Facebook for latest information.