Aholafarm has a long experience of arranging events and hosting different kinds of groups and meetings. Enjoy the fresh countryside air, local food and unique activities.

Finland is a nation with gasoline running in its veins. Our small country has seven World Rally Championship (WRC) drivers.

In Aholafarm, you have a chance to experience the speed of a real rally car: A professional rally driver will drive you through a 4-kilometer-long Special Stage, which consists of high-speed jumps and sweeping corners. This is a once-in-a-lifetime professional experience which one should try out at least once.

Even though the fast speed is guaranteed, your safety is well taken care of. Rally driving takes place on a closed forest road. The drivers are experienced and reliable professionals, and we are providing you all the necessary racing equipment for the ride. The Special Stage we are driving has been in use already for 15 years. During the racing, the road is closed for other traffic. The minimum group size for rally driving experience is 10 people.

Aholafarm is also famous for its traditional Finnish countryside food. After the racing experience, we will serve a traditional Finnish meal in the pit stop area.

Contacts & Location

  • Location: Close by the town of Hamina, approximately 20 minutes ride from the town center and 1,5 hours from the Helsinki Airport.
  • Address: Kirkkovuorentie 291, 49570 Kannusjärvi
  • Tel. +358 500 466 971
  • tuula.ahola@aholafarm.fi